Internet Search – Reimagined
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Navigate the richness of the web…

…without the clutter, spam, and clickbait


hyperDart is a new kind of searching and browsing experience for mobile devices. The platform provides an intelligent, seamless and uniform user experience to navigate rich parameterized datasets spanning various verticals. Imagine a search experience that did not require having to navigate through a maze of hyperlinks and sites that result in dead ends, broken links, clickbait sites, only to backtrack to pages full of hyperlinks and restarting the process. Imagine a curated experience that allowed a user to navigate the richness of the web without the clutter, being able to get to the information from trusted sources and filtering out the spam, and clickbait.
That is the promise of hyperDart…
Coming to a mobile device near you…
History and People

History and People

We are a brand spanking new company, freshly minted in 2018. But don’t be fooled by our youth. We are founded, run and backed by entrepreneurs and investors who are industry veterans with decades of experience running large organizations and internet scale technology initiatives. And we believe that we were born to change the world (well, at least change how the world consumes the internet on their devices).


We are fanatical about quality and user experience. But to us, what lies under the hood is just as important. We like to cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’. We like to tab format our code and comment each section, so it looks like a painting and reads like a poem (and runs like a charm, obviously).
We pride ourselves in dreaming big and in having the courage and resolve to turn those dreams into reality. We move fast and are not afraid to take on competitors much bigger than us.

We Are Hiring!

We like to work in teams, hang out and have fun together and look out for each other.
You can say that we look more like a pack than a company.
And like any pack, we have rules for who can join the pack.
To you, hard work in not about clocking the hours, but rather about pushing the limits your own limits and those of others around you. It is about perseverance that keeps you going when others give up. It is making sure that you never settle for “good enough” and always strive towards excellence.


You believe in the principle of “Strong Opinions, Weakly Held” which makes you headstrong enough to hold your ground and fearlessly push through for things you believe in, and yet stay nimble and agile to change when you are convinced that the “cheese” has moved. You use this principle to challenge the status quo and question existing beliefs.


Technology changes every day and you not only keep pace with it, but are able to think ahead of the change. You are not rattled by the pace of change, but rather excited by it. You identify yourself as a life-long learner who loves to drink from the firehose every day.


To you honesty is not just about telling the truth. You are honest with yourself and comfortable in your own skin. You are honest with others about your limitations, about taking responsibility when things don’t work as expected. You have a built-in moral compass that always points to your true North.


You know you are a superhero but you also know that your great powers come with great responsibility (and a sense of humility). The more you know, the more you know you don’t know. You take feed back constructively and you are comfortable asking for help when you need to. You use your power of introspection to identify your own blind spots (aka kryptonite).


There are folks who think that writing code makes you money which in turn gives you happiness. But you are one of those few who believe that true happiness comes from within, which drives you to write beautiful world class code, which also makes you money.




Silicon Valley, USA

4 Palo Alto Sq
Suite 200
Palo Alto, CA 94306
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